Elite Services Elitesynth provides array of services as listed below


With the state of the art infrastructure including a Preparative HPLC, we are capable of doing Design and scale-up, Synthesis of pharmaceutical related substances. Isolation, Identification, Characterization and Structure Elucidation and synthesis of Impurities, Metabolites and Degradation Products. Our Lab is fully equipped with the latest analytica l instrumentation, allowing on-site support of R&D activities. Equipped with Fume hoods and the Rota vapor.


We provide analytical method development for a broad spectrum of pharmaceutical compounds and dosage forms during various drug development stages, including methods for different types of compounds.
Stability-indicating assay and/or related substances methods for drug substance and drug products (tablets, capsules, suspensions, creams, injectable, nasal sprays, pMDIs, medicated feeds, drug-eluting stents, etc.)
Dissolution (IR, ER, MR)
Organic volatile impurities
Preservatives and antioxidants
Enantiomer separation
Clinical comparator assay and dissolution
Cleaning validation on various surfaces by HPLC, UV and GC
Dose verification for GLP studies
The analytical development group also provides method development experimental design & interim progress reports for method development. Additionally we can support your analytical research, validation, and investigation requirements.


Chemical synthesis is an essential part of drug development. However, the number of technical and managerial tasks involved in the process – many of which prove to be “one-off” operations – can serve to hamper the overall effectiveness of the research team. Outsourcing the activity is an efficient, cost-effective means of ensuring the smooth and timely passage of new drug compounds through the pipeline.
EliteSynth Laboratories offers a full range of services in custom organic synthesis from Key Starting Raw Materials to Drug Intermediates. Because of our small (or better: concentrated) size and low overheads, we are able to offer prompt quotations, very competitive prices, high quality products and fast delivery.


The risks posed by extractable and leachable (E&Ls) on product quality and patient safety is an ongoing challenge for the pharmaceutical industry.


As pharmaceutical packaging can be extremely complex, with mixtures of plastic, polymer, rubber or glass materials, printed surfaces and coatings all used, it is critical that E/L studies are designed specifically for your drug product and the container materials.

We aim to gather all information about your packaging system in order to obtain a strong impression of where there may be sources of extractable or leachable, as an initial step.

Our analytical team can determine both organic and inorganic contaminants through the application of a range of instrumentation.

Our Experts provide a first-class evaluation and assessment of existing E/L data gaps, and through strategic screening or quantitative studies, we offer the right study for your product.


India is a mix of rich, colourful culture and religion. The consumer mood here is of festivity & joy. India is also known for the finest quality of fascinating flowers, species and woods that adds to her charm. For most of our fine fragrance creations the key inspirations are magical Indian flowers such as Rose, Marigold from the north, Jasmine from the south etc., captivating Indian Species and precious Woods. Our creative teams along with market know how give more emphasis in creating fragrances that are well accepted by the consumers.

Making medicines more palatable for you and your little ones to bring a smile on your face!!
We work very closely with our pharmaceutical clients and have a range of flavors and bitterness masking agents to mask the unpleasant notes of pharma ingredients for applications like compressed tablets, dry syrups or syrups.